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Put Your Core Values into Action with AmeriCorps

This post is sponsored by AmeriCorps; all opinions are my own.

Every day, AmeriCorps members and volunteers put their values into action to make a difference in their communities. Why not be a part of the 270k+ people who join every year to drive change in your community, too?

What is AmeriCorps?

AmeriCorps is a government agency that brings together the people who want to serve others with the organizations and communities that need their help. Their focus is on helping communities across the nation tackle their toughest challenges.

AmeriCorps is a long-term volunteer program that allows individuals to serve in a way that’s meaningful to them. Volunteers can mentor students, respond to natural disasters, support veterans, help with the climate crisis, and so much more!

The bedrock principles of service with AmeriCorps are uniting people, leading with powerful solutions, and strengthening communities.

What do they do?

Every year, AmeriCorps places more than 270,000 Americans of all ages and backgrounds to offer their time and skills to help in a variety of ways. They also provide more than $800 million in grants to provide funding for communities in need.

They confront different problems around the nation including providing support after a natural disaster, fighting the opioid crisis, and helping communities respond to and recover from COVID-19.

Here are some of the key areas that AmeriCorps focuses on:

  • Economic opportunity

  • Education

  • Environmental stewardship

  • Disaster response

  • Healthy futures

  • Veterans & military families

Their impact

AmeriCorps members and volunteers have made a huge impact in the country during the COVID-19 pandemic. More than 21,400 AmeriCorps members and volunteers have served since the beginning of the pandemic to provide meals, support mass care facilities, collect and distribute food, conduct wellness checks, ensure students have access to educational resources, and more.

I was particularly interested in their contribution to environmental efforts. I was surprised to learn that they get more than 15,000 AmeriCorps members and volunteers each year helping in conservation, renewable energy, and community resilience projects that address the climate crisis.

They help by preserving public lands and waters, protecting biodiversity, increasing reforestation, and contributing to reducing carbon emissions by weatherizing homes, public buildings, and so much more. I think that’s amazing, and so proud to learn that AmeriCorps is helping to protect our big blue home.

For me, serving the planet and helping to fight the climate crisis is at my core of values. And I put my values into action whenever/wherever I can!

I also dug a little deeper and discovered the impact that AmeriCorps has made in my own state, Nevada, where they invested more than $8 million in federal funding and generated more than $3.9 million in outside resources that went towards our community. Not to mention the 1,600 members and volunteers that have contributed to helping families impacted by COVID, reducing crime, reviving the cities, preparing students for future jobs, and more.

You can find out the direct impact AmeriCorps has made in your own state by going to their website here.

Why join?

Joining AmeriCorps is a way for people of all ages and backgrounds to get involved and give their time and talent to help support their community. You can take on America’s toughest challenges and be part of something really meaningful!

When you serve with AmeriCorps, you can mentor students, fight climate change, or combat hunger—and so much more. Put your values into action and make a positive impact in your community by joining more than 270,000 serving today.

Here are some of the benefits for members and volunteers:

  • lead projects

  • make a positive impact meeting the needs of their community

  • learn valuable skills

  • gain experience and build their resume

  • make professional connections

  • get a living allowance

  • earn an education award to pay off student loans

AmeriCorps offers opportunities with different time commitments and requirements so you can serve however works best for your goals and lifestyle.

How to join

To join, first figure out how you want to serve.

AmeriCorps members typically serve for 10-12 months, with options for shorter terms or summer positions. You can apply for opportunities in your own community or somewhere else.

Then, you’ll create a profile where you can highlight your education and skills. Then start finding and applying for opportunities!

Learn more at

What’s at your core?

Thank you to AmeriCorps for sponsoring this post

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