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Surviving and Thriving While Working from Home with Toddlers and Babies

Written by Joyce Wilson, from

When well-executed, working from home is a fantastic strategy for balancing your career and family life. But it can be especially challenging when you have toddlers and babies in the mix. You must invest ample time, effort, and dedication to make it work. Magnetic Mama has listed some tips on how to survive — and even thrive — when working from home with young children!

Research Other Career Paths if You're Unfulfilled

Many parents feel unfulfilled in their current careers but don’t have the time or resources to pursue a new job immediately. If that’s you, consider researching other paths that could offer more fulfillment.

Look into fields that would give you more joy or greater satisfaction in your work. Doing the homework now can ensure you already know which direction to go when the time comes to make a change.

Remember that crafting an impressive CV is the cornerstone of a successful job search. You can easily and efficiently produce an attractive CV that helps you stand out from other applicants; just find a free online CV builder to get started!

Earn an Online Degree

If it’s not feasible to begin at the entry-level of a new field due to a lack of experience or qualifications, you could return to school for a degree or certification in something related to your desired career path. Not only will you acquire the knowledge you need, but it will also demonstrate your commitment and dedication to your field.

Thanks to online courses, it’s easier than ever to get the education that aligns with what employers are looking for while still being able to work from home with toddlers and babies around. For instance, if you want to be a teacher, you can take a major step toward getting your teaching license by earning an online bachelor’s in education (check it out for more info). Just be prepared to submit your transcripts and pass a background check, as well as various exams and skill tests.

Create a Plan for Spending Time With Your Kids

There is simply no way to work from home successfully with small children without creating a plan for spending time with each of them individually and collectively as a family unit. Scheduling regular family activities like game nights or movie nights will help everyone feel connected and involved.

Moreover, creating designated “work-free” times where both parents can spend quality time with the kids without interruption can benefit parent-child relationships and overall family morale. Remember to prioritize bedtime routines, new experiences together, and any other opportunities to foster your bonds!

Craft a Schedule That Helps You Conquer Life

Whether getting up early in the morning or staying up late at night, developing a schedule that works best for your life is key. Consider what tasks you need to do first, what can wait until later, which days are best for errands, and any other relevant factors. Think of every detail so that your schedule addresses all your tasks and nothing gets neglected due to a lack of planning.

Build a Distraction-Free Workspace

Chances are you have young children running around all day long, and you simply can’t survive without creating an area dedicated solely to work. Having a distraction-free workspace will keep distractions at bay while giving you the peace of mind of knowing your kids are safe somewhere nearby, even when you can’t personally keep an eye on them during busy hours.

The ideal home office should include items like:

  • Comfortable seating

  • Adequate lighting

  • Organized storage spaces

  • High-quality equipment

  • Inspiring decor to keep you motivated

The key is to build a space that keeps your productivity levels high throughout any given workday. Be intentional about designing a workspace where you can focus, whether it’s in the spare bedroom, garage, basement, or anywhere else.


Parenting is hard enough without managing childcare while juggling multiple parenting and professional obligations. Nonetheless, looking for a new job, getting an online degree, creating a schedule, and exploring the other tactics here can help you thrive in your current situation. Take time to create a strategy for your family, and remember to have grace for another so you can maintain a peaceful household!

Would you like to read more helpful content about motherhood, business, and spirituality? Visit Magnetic Mama today!

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