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Start your day with Love! My morning routine

The morning time is such a special time of day. It's a fresh start, and a chance to create whatever energy you want to carry throughout the day. I use this time of day to charge myself up with loving energy and create positive intentions so that I have a good, productive day.

Before I even open my eyes, I start counting all the things in my life that I can be grateful for. My home, my boyfriend, my bed, the blankets, our plants, etc. Every little tiny thing.

When my boyfriend and I are both awake, we like to take a few moments to connect, to give each other kisses, share any dreams we had, how we slept, and cuddle.

Then, when we're finally ready to get out of bed, I'll check on the plants, and give them a little time and attention. Then, I'll go into the other room and start stretching and waking up my body by doing some yoga.

Next, I meditate on everything I'm grateful for again. I feel the love energy flowing through my body and I radiate it outward. I will also meditate on feelings of abundance and wealth as well. In order to have something, you must first be it.

At that point, I'm ready to go out and do a workout at the gym, go to a yoga class, go jogging, etc. Something to get a little bit more exercise in.

When I come back, I usually meet back up with my boyfriend at the house and we enjoy a nice cup of coffee with a big breakfast.

By then, I feel totally charged up and ready to take on my day!

I love having little moments in the morning like the wake up kisses with my boyfriend, sending my plants loving thoughts, and meditating on love energy.

After I've done all this, its really hard to have a bad day, but yes it does still happen! I just try to focus back on my gratitude, and the abundance of love flowing through me at all times.

Also, every day is different and I'm not rigid with my morning routine. If I feel changing it up, I definitely do whatever I feel like doing that day!

So what do you think? What does your morning routine look like? Let me know!

xoxo - Judy

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