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15 Self Care Activity Ideas for your Day of Self Care

Self Care Sunday Activity Ideas

You may have heard the hype about self care being extremely important. But how many times do we skip the things we know are good for us?

I'm right there with you, girlfriend.

Daily self care rituals keep me feeling at my best, but in seasons where I am in straight "hustle mode" and I oftentimes skip those daily practices, I count on my Sundays to be there for me with a cozy blanket, a hot tea, and a movie.

Why do we need it?

Burn out is super real. When we're constantly chasing goals, or working to pay the bills, it can feel like we're stuck running on a treadmill that never ends. And sometimes we never feel fulfilled because as soon as we hit one goal, it's replaced by a new one.

Throughout the week we may be putting in so much of our energy and focus into our careers, our family, our relationships, etc.

But you can't pour from an empty cup. In order to be the best version of you - the best boss, best employee, best partner, best parent - let's dedicate just one day out of the week to recharge, so you can feel full and ready to take on the week ahead.

Why Sunday?

Sunday is the best day for me to rest because it seems as though the rest of the world is also resting. Lots of people don't work on Sundays, and some businesses are closed. We typically don't get meetings or gigs booked, and there's no events we need to go to. It's also a day to wind down after a fun weekend, and start thinking about the week ahead.

Of course, if Sunday is not a good day for you, choose a different day that works best for your schedule. Or if it's always changing, choose at least one day a week that you block off in your calendar as your You Day!

Because you deserve it.

What is self care?

Self care is doesn't have to look a certain way. It's not just the Instagrammable bubble baths and face masks or spa days... although those are amazing self care activities!

Its fully encompassing your whole mental, emotional, physical and spiritual wellness.

And it's doing whatever you feel like you need in order to reset for the week ahead.

Setting up your self care day

This is a day to put you first and give yourself what you need. Think about what fills you up, and ask yourself, "What do I need today?"

Is it watching a movie with your loved ones?

Being alone and reading a book?

Going to the park for a picnic?

Think of it as your YOU day. A time to just do what fills you up.

Self care doesn't have to be done alone

The great thing about your self care day, is it's totally up to you how you want to spend it!

You don't have to spend it alone. If you have a family, you can do things together that you all enjoy. And it's a great time to teach your kids about being intentional about self care.

For me and my fiancé, we usually end up spending most of the day together, curling up and watching movies. But I will also spend an hour or two doing my own thing, either journaling, taking a hot bath, or doing yoga.

Ideas for your self care day

Here are some activities that can be great to do on your self care day. Remember, just choose the ones that feel the best to YOU! Everyone's different, and we all feel recharged from different activities.

  1. Let yourself sleep in or take a nap

  2. Go to brunch with friends

  3. Head to a park for a picnic

  4. Go for a walk outside

  5. Take a hot bath

  6. Read a book

  7. Work on creative projects

  8. Tend to your plants/garden

  9. Paint your nails

  10. Clean your home

  11. Dance to your fav songs

  12. Envision, write, or dream up your goals

  13. Plan your upcoming week

  14. Put on a face mask/hair mask

  15. Put on a guided meditation

...the possibilities are actually endless.

My Routine

Need some inspiration? Here's what my Self Care Sundays look like

Start the day with my daily self care practice

  1. Stretch/yoga

  2. meditate

  3. journal

Then I just follow whatever my heart feels like doing, which might include

  • Staying in bed & watching movies

  • Painting my nails

  • Doing a hair mask

  • Taking a hot bath with Epsom salts & essential oils

I'm not very rigid on my self care days, I just like to go with the flow & take it as easy as possible.

I will also try to not do any work, stay off of computers, phones, anything that may trigger stress.

Tips for your self care day

Here are a few more tips for making sure you have a good Sunday self-care routine,

and really understand what self-care means and how to avoid the common mistakes.

It should not be overwhelming

At the end of the day, self care is just doing things that keep us feeling sane, full, and for the most part happy! Its not something that should be overwhelming, or makes us feel stressed or guilty for not doing it good enough, or often enough. Our self care day is a break from the stress, the worries, and rat race, of daily life.

Its a time to check in with yourself, with your life, and get re-centered and back into balance.

Your self care needs can change all the time

Just because you have committed to writing in your journal and meditating every

morning for an hour as your self care routine, doesn't mean you have to do this forever.

Just as the seasons change, the different seasons in our lives will require different self care. Always do the things that make you feel good and recharged, despite what routines you put into place before.

So what self care rituals are you going to try? Let me know in the comments below!

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