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How These Sisters Created an Ethical, Sustainable Fashion Line | An interview with Satori Revolution

I had the honor of interviewing 2 amazing sisters who started an eco-conscious, ethically made, high quality line of swimwear and loungewear called Satori Revolution.

With the advent of "fast fashion", it has become the norm to create clothing that are cheaply made, thrown out, contributes to global warming, and were made in unethical sweatshops that treated their employees unfairly.

Meet the Founders

Christel San Diego and Erika Matos decided it was time to stand up for what they believe in.

They wanted to create a beautiful, sexy loungewear brand that was not only great for the consumers, but did not negatively impact the world in any way.

The Ethics

It was important for them to treat their employees well, and give them a good salary, benefits, paid holidays, and more time off for their families.

So they decided to open up their own manufacturing facility in their home country of the Philippines, which was no easy task!

The Sustainability

They use reclaimed fabrics for their clothing and turn them into high quality, beautiful pieces that their customers can wear for years to come.

They made their pieces versatile, to be worn indoors, outdoors, casually, formally, and the bodysuits even double as swimwear! So a customer can enjoy one set in multiple occasions.

Their manufacturing facility runs zero waste and they boast a ZERO net carbon footprint through partnering with different organizations to help clean up the environment.

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Whats next

They are opening up their manufacturing facility to other brands who want to switch to a more ethical and sustainable production. If you would like to contact them about that you can email

They are also working on creating an online marketplace that will allow small Filipino businesses to market their handmade, ethically sourced products to the US.

These ladies obviously put so much thought into every aspect of this business to make sure they are positively impacting the world.

I am so grateful that they took the time out to sit down with me and tell me all about their business and what they are doing. I was so inspired, and so glad that they are out here revolutionizing the business world.

You can find them online:

Their website


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