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6 tips to instantly boost your mood without even leaving the house

Hey beautiful!

After reading this post, you will learn about 6 quarantine-friendly ways you can immediately boost your mood when you've been feeling stuck, sad, upset, or any other "negative" emotion.

But first, I just want to quick mention that feeling emotions is essential to living fully. If you are feeling sad, angry, or other emotions like that, it's completely normal and totally okay to feel them!

happiness quotes on being a happy person doesn't mean you don't feel negative emotions

Instantly raise your vibe

If you've been stuck in a rut, or maybe just woke up feeling a bit blah, then instead of laying in bed all day, give these tips a try. They're sure to give you a boost and put a little pep back in your step. And you don't even have to leave the house to do these!

Watch this quick video below to see these tips in action, otherwise keep reading!

1. Get in touch with nature

Ideally, the best way to get in touch with nature is by getting out of your house... buuuut if that's not an option, or time is not on your side, then you have other options as well.

It works just as well if you have any plants that you can connect to! I just like to admire mine and look for signs of growth. They inspire me to keep calm, and keep going on my path.

Nature is so abundant and inspiring, if you spend just a moment connecting with it, you are sure to feel the benefits of its beautiful energy and wisdom.

2. Take a shower or bath

A shower or bath on a bad day is such a mood booster.

If you get in the shower, imagine the water washing away any negative or stuck energy in your body.

If you decide on a hot bath, light some candles, put some Epsom salts, and essential oils, and make it a whole vibe. You will feel so glad you took a moment for yourself for a little self care.

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3. Clean up your environment

This may not sound like something you want to do if you're feeling a bit yucky, but the result is definitely something that will leave you feeling so much better.

Be intentional about this process and mindfully clean an area of your home. I think the cleaning process is very calming and therapeutic. And when you're done, you have that amazing feeling of having a clean environment!

4. Open up the blinds and windows

This is such a simple way to instantly change the vibe in a room.

Let in some light and fresh air and allow new energy to come in and circulate out the old.

Exposure to sunlight is said to boost your serotonin, so crack open those blinds and let yourself sunbathe!

5. Move your body

Throw on your favorite music and dance it out!

Do your favorite exercise, jump around, stretch your body. Whatever it is, make sure it's something fun and maybe even brings a smile to your face.

You're waking up your body and shaking up the energy in the room. You've instantly brought in some good, positive vibes.

Shake it up, baby!

6. Light up some sage or Palo Santo

Sage and Palo Santo are said to get rid of negative energy in a room. Palo Santo is great because it also brings in positive energy as well.

Make sure the windows are open so the smoke has a place to go. Light it up and wave it around all corners of the room, taking extra time around windows and doors.

It also helps to say affirmations out loud, like "this room only has space for peace, love, joy, and abundance. Negative energies do not feel welcome here."

If this sounds too woo-woo for you, your belief is all that matters. If you believe in something is working, then it works for you. If it doesn't resonate, then don't do it.

Final thoughts

To instantly boost your mood, just think about what might change up the energy for you. Look for ways that are easy, and fun to help you just get into a different frame of mind so you can feel good, and bring in those positive vibes to your home!✨

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