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How To Use Positive Affirmations Effectively To Manifest

How To Use Positive Affirmations Effectively To Manifest

We all have the power to design our life and use the power of the mind to manifest what we want.

Whether you want to advance your career, achieve a personal goal or become financially free, life will provide us with unique and exciting opportunities.

In quite a few of my YouTube videos and blog posts, I’ve discussed the power of manifestation, but in this article, I want to connect this concept with positive affirmations.

So make yourself a cup of coffee, and let’s talk positive mindset and redesigning your life!

What Are Affirmations?

Affirmations in their pure form, are sayings and statements that we can say in the mind, or out loud and the universe will take note.

By using affirmations, you are using your energy to focus on what you want from life, whether it’s a specific goal or not. Rather than ‘ask’ or ‘hope’ for what you want in life, you need to shift your approach and use affirmations to already affirm that you have the key traits or characteristics you desire.

So instead of hoping to be different, achieve a goal, or attract something, you start to affirm that you already have or have become these things.

Here’s a quick example;

Life goal: I want my new start-up business to succeed. I want to be financially independent.

Affirmation: I am a successful business owner. I have everything I need to nurture and grow my business.

While you might not feel successful when saying an affirmation, stating that it’s true will change your outlook and perception of your reality.

No, you’re not lying to yourself, you are just telling yourself a different story and choosing to manifest over worrying and becoming stressed out.

How Can Positive Affirmations Impact Your Life?

Unfortunately, society and our own fight and flight response thrive on negativity. Negative thoughts can pop into our heads and catch us off guard, making them difficult to ignore.

Part of using affirmations is to develop a positive mindset and rewire the way we think. When you think about it, our reality is based on our own perception and outlook on life. While some people see a glass half empty, why not see it as half full?

If you allow negative thoughts and negative affirmations to reinforce fears and anxiety, they will have a significant impact on your life and ability to succeed. By making the choice to focus your mind and invest your energy into positive affirmations you can feel more empowered and confident in your own abilities.

Basics For Affirmation Creation

To use affirmations effectively you’ll need to make sure that they are;

  • An ‘I am’ statement.

  • In the present tense.

We use ‘I am’ statements to form affirmations because they are the most powerful way of shaping your own outlook and perception of life. By affirming that you already are what you want to be, you are confirming and reinforcing this is your reality right now.

Combining this with the present tense signifies to the universe that you’re open to change and ready to embrace it. If we were to use ‘I will’ instead of ‘I am’ this comes with self-doubt. The future holds no guarantees, so hoping for something to happen, rather than confirm it already exists, means you hold doubts about whether it will even manifest in the first place.

Avoid Negative Pitfalls

A positive mindset can succumb to negative pitfalls when forming affirmations and this is something to be aware of. So let’s go back to the first affirmation example. Here are three affirmations. Can you spot the negative pitfalls?

A: I am a successful business owner.

B: I am not going to fail.

C: I am no longer poor

B and C are actually negative affirmations. If we were to use these statements to manifest, we could actually be manifesting failure and financial problems in the future. The mind only hears the negative ideas and can’t differentiate between ‘no’ ‘not’, ‘fail’ ‘insecure’, and the actual idea that we’re trying to portray.

Apply Emotion & Certainty To Manifest Successfully

Repeating an affirmation throughout the day without an emotional connection or authentic desire for it to manifest, isn’t going to generate results. You need to apply emotions and say affirmations with certainty.

Check out my video about how I manifest clear skin using positive affirmations: How I Manifested Clear Skin

Over time, practicing affirmations and manifesting your goals will become easier. Practice makes perfect and nothing worthwhile is easy at first. Eventually, you’ll reap the rewards as you reprogram your mind and outlook on life.

How To Choose The Best Affirmations

This all comes down to your personal preference. For me, I have been under a lot of stress recently so I am going to focus on creating affirmations to help me achieve inner peace over the next couple of weeks. For you, it could be strong relationships, financial security, or perhaps opportunities to travel. Try and be honest with yourself and don’t shy away from what you really want to manifest in your life.

Top tips:

  • Put pen to paper and write down your affirmations as a visual reminder. Sticky notes are a great way to reinforce affirmations.

  • Use apps to alert you to say an affirmation during the day.

  • Create a customized background display for your laptop or phone with your affirmation.

  • Create an affirmation Pinterest board with positive ideas you want to focus on. You can also use the Pinterest widget on your phone to cycle through affirmations and remind yourself of your positive goals.

Check out my Manifest Your Dream Life course to learn how to define, create, attract and implement daily manifestation techniques to be closer to leading your best life.

So what affirmations are you going to try? Comment below and let me know!

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