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Oh Baby! Our boho themed, eco-friendly baby shower

This weekend we had the most amazingly adorable, boho themed baby shower. It was exactly what I had pictured and I couldn't be happier with the outcome.

Although not traditional, I'll admit I was pretty hands on when it came to planning. This is something that I was super excited about for months and couldn't help but think about the decor, games, and food I wanted for the guests.

But thankfully, I had one of my longest best friends who was there to make all my baby shower dreams come true. Shout out to Britt for being so collaborative, supportive, and helpful! This event truly shows just how loved & supported we are by our closest friends and family and I felt so blessed to have the people there that came.

My hope for this post is that it will help give anyone else who is planning a baby shower inspiration and ideas for those who wants something boho themed and/or budget and eco-friendly.

The decor

It was important to me that any decor used for the shower was eco-friendly. I really didn't want any balloons or one time use party decor like streamers. So Britt found this idea on Pinterest to use baby clothes as banners and I think it turned out so adorable!

We had already received a ton of baby clothes from friends so this was just one example of using what we already had.

For table cloths, we used items we received off our registry like swaddles and a changing mat underneath the drink dispenser since its waterproof!


When it came to games, we were expecting a guest count of about 40. So with that many people, we opted for little stations that guests can go to on their own time. We printed instructions on natural paper and put them in frames we already had and we also got additional frames from the dollar store.

Photo Opp

This was my favorite part of the whole event!

Since we already had the photo backdrop stand and fabric, I just needed something to spruce it up.

Again, I didn't want to do balloons or anything that felt wasteful. I opted for natural dried palm leaves that we tied around the stands.

I hit up a tree trimming business I found on Offer Up and asked if I could pick up some of their trimmed leaves. They were kind enough to let me pull up to one of their jobs and take as many leaves as I needed!

The Oh Baby sign was also from a seller on Offer Up. Funny enough, I actually ordered a custom wood Lola sign from him and he ended up sending me the Oh Baby one on accident. To make it right, he also sent me the Lola sign so this was a little freebie!

We repurposed an old frame we to make this the guest book. It was so cute that we just hung it as it was on our wall and now we have these memories forever. We even have room for future pictures of our little girl!

Food & Drinks

So everyone's favorite part of any party... food & drinks!

We were catered by a local Bulgarian pastry shop that also happens to make amazing sandwiches - Luchkoff Patisserie. They made us a beautiful cake as well as cake pops & macaroons that we forgot to get pictures of!

So that was our baby shower! Hopefully you got some inspiration or ideas if you're planning a baby shower. It's totally possible to make it budget & eco-friendly while still making it look totally beautiful!

Also a quick shout out to all the friends & family that came to show their love & support, we are so grateful to have you!! Thank you to my best friend Britt who put so much time & energy into making this shower amazing! Thank you to Luchkoff Patisserie for the awesome catering! Lots of love to everyone!

Thanks for reading!

- Judy

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