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How I manifested clear skin

*Updated January 2023 with even more knowledge, tips and insight!

My Struggle with Acne

Throughout my teen life, I had my fair share of pimples here and there, but nothing crazy.

When I was about 21 years old, all of a sudden my face just broke out, and I mean it just kept breaking out and breaking out over and over again.

There was never a moment when I had fully clear skin.

I remember how frustrated I was, how stressed I got over it, and ultimately messed with my confidence and peace.

In 2018 (about 3 years later), I decided I had enough of suffering from acne. I realized I was spending way too much time and energy on looking at my skin, and feeling down about myself, and decided it was time for change.

Healing from the Inside, Out

Looking back in hindsight, I can also see clear lifestyle changes I had made just prior to manifesting healing.

Around 2017-2018 is when my acne was the worst. It was also the time that I was the most out of alignment with my inner self.

What I mean by that, is that I was extremely unhappy because I had been living based on what other people wanted me to do. My parents wanted me to go to college, and get a "good job". And that's exactly what I did.

However, to numb the fact that I was so unhappy living this way, I would go out to bars and clubs on the weekends, drink, do drugs, go shopping and spend beyond my means, and just other reckless acts.

I think the combination of how I was treating my body (alcohol, drugs, staying up all night, etc.) as well as the stress, anxiety, and depression I was feeling, really contributed to the acne.

Luckily in 2018 I started to clean up the mess that was my life and decided to live more in alignment with what I truly wanted in life.

Law of Attraction and Clear Skin

At that time, I was new to manifesting and the Law of Attraction but I had been learning about it and had some successes on "smaller" manifestations. Something about it just resonated with me and it just felt right. So I decided to give it a try with the acne on my face.

Much to my delight and excitement, it actually worked! And from what I remember, it didn't take very long - only within a few months.

I was so excited about it that I put out a YouTube video on some of the manifesting techniques I used and that video is still my most watched video to this day.

Fast forward to now, January 2023, and my skin is still clear! My skincare routine has been the same for the last 5 years (and it's one product) and it couldn't be happier. I even went to an esthetician the other day and she asked what I'm doing because my skin looks so great!

Listen to Your Body

Before we get into the manifesting techniques, let's first discuss something important here. And that's listening to your body.

I believe our bodies are always trying to communicate with us. It wants to work with us and is naturally wanting to come back into balance. Just like nature always finds a way to get back into balance, our bodies do the same. That's why it's possible to self-heal. Most of the time, we just have to get out of it's way.

So take the time to tune in to listen.

When we have a pain, discomfort or a chronic or recurring symptom, it's important that we tune in to try to understand, "what is my body trying to tell me right now?"

Sometimes it's telling us that something doesn't feel quite right. It can help to keep us safe. There's a reason why we say our intuition lies in our gut - not the mind!

Make it a point to tune in at least daily, whether at night and/or in the morning and occasionally during the day. Do a body scan.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • What message is my body sending me today?

  • Where am I holding the most tension?

  • What part of me needs more love and attention?

  • What does my body need more of?

  • What does my body want less of?

Journal the responses that come to you, don't overthink it. It doesn't have to be logical. Just see what that inner wisdom wants you to know, because we all have inner wisdom.

If this sounds too out there for you, then you know it's time to get back in touch with yourself. Our bodies are incredibly intelligent, and we should not ignore them any longer!

If I would have done this exercise as soon as the acne appeared, I could have saved myself a lot of suffering!

The Mind

The mind is what creates our outer world. It is the cause, while the outer world (including our bodies) is the effect.

When it came to my acne, I knew there must be something out of balance. But I only looked at what could be out of balance in my body.

I never thought about the mind being part of the cause.

So when trying to heal my acne, I did what I believe many people do with no success. I changed my diet, I tried different remedies, topical solutions, I experimented with different skincare. I was only dealing with the outer world (the effect) instead of the inner world (the cause)

Pay attention to the things your mind says to you during the day. When it comes to your acne, or looking in the mirror, what does it say? What kind of feelings get brought up?

It's extremely important to change the way our minds think about our skin, and our bodies. I'll talk about specific ways we can do that below.

When I was dealing with acne, my thoughts were not friendly. I felt frustration, anger, defeated, and all these low vibration thoughts. This perpetuated the cycle of more acne, and more frustration.

When I finally had enough, I decided I would change my thought patterns. Notice how I said "I decided to change." I didn't wait until my acne cleared, then I was nicer to myself. No, it doesn't work like that. It starts in your mind first.

Every time a negative feeling about my skin would come, I would immediately say, "no" and think of a positive, more helpful thought.

Decide now, that you will change how you think about your skin. You will stop any low vibration thought as soon as you catch them. And you will look for a more loving thought.

Working with the Subconscious Mind

The subconscious mind is where the magic happens. Whatever has been impressed into the subconscious is what will be true for us.

So if we don't like what we're seeing in our reality, then we have to change the unconscious thoughts that led to where we are now. This is easier than you think but it might take a little time to get used to the new thoughts.

As long as you stay open and willing to change, you can manifest anything!

I love the book, You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay, because she talks about certain underlying mental causes that could manifest in the body and different ways to heal our inner world.

So without further ado, here are my steps to manifesting clear, beautiful skin!

1. Stop giving your acne any attention

What you put your attention and energy on, expands. So the key here is to not give your acne as much attention.

The power in removing the attention off the acne, also lies in the emotions you might currently be facing every time you look in the mirror. If every time you look in the mirror and you start feeling hopeless, defeated, and down, then avoid spending too much time in the mirror. These low vibration feelings will only manifest more of what you don't want.

I stopped sitting in front of the mirrors for hours looking at pimples, trying to squeeze them, or do anything to them. I stopped putting anything on them.

I just completely left my face alone.

If you are like how I was, you might be feeling like you constantly need to put some kind of ointment, treatment, cream on your pimples to "manage" them. But resist that temptation.

But I've learned that the less you mess with your body the better. Because our bodies, just like nature, always wants to return to balance.

Please note, if you are using prescribed medication for acne, please consult your doctor before coming off any medication.

What my skin looked like in June 2018 WITH makeup on
Me in Dec 2020 WITHOUT any face makeup

2. Focus on what you want.

Like I said, where attention goes, energy flows. So focus on what you DO want (clear skin), instead of what you don't want (acne).

Stop giving your power away to some little red dots. You are much more powerful than that. Our world is created in the mind first, so decide what you want to see.

Here's some tips on how to focus on what you want. Use any, or all of these methods. The more often you do them, the more you will believe it, and receive it!


Writing is a powerful manifestation technique. It's important to focus on writing as if you already have the clear skin you want.

Some people call this scripting. You basically script the life you want as if it is a movie.

To make your manifestation come quickly, you want to invoke as much positive, high vibration emotion as possible. We'll talk more about emotions in step 3.

Try this journal prompt:

Sit in a comfortable place, and take a few deep, relaxing breaths and close your eyes.

Imagine that you look in the mirror and your skin has finally healed, and it looks amazing. It's clear, smooth, low maintenance, and it's glowing naturally.

How do you feel? Maybe it ranges from excitement, gratitude, joy, relief, etc. and write from that place as if it has already happened.

Write about all the things you do now with confidence, and how people react to how amazing your skin looks.

You might say something like: "I am so freaking grateful that I every time I look in the mirror I see beautifully smooth, clear skin. I love that I get to go out with no makeup and still feel so confident!"

Put as much detail, excitement, and gratitude in it as possible and really feel those feelings!

This might feel like you're just telling yourself a lie at first, for me it did. But remember your reality today was created from your thoughts yesterday. And the more you do this exercise, the easier it gets. (Trust me!)


Visualizing is another powerful tool to help you manifest. Visualize the skin you want, how you would go out into the world with your amazingly clear skin, and the confidence that you feel.

Try a vision board

I used Pinterest boards to help me visualize and imagine what my skin would look like when it's clear. Girls with smooth, glowing skin graced my boards and I would look at them for a minute, then close my eyes and imagine looking in the mirror and seeing that. Note: It's important that if you decide to do this exercise, that you don't end up with low vibration feelings of envy, jealousy, hopelessness, etc. That is not the vibration you want to be in.

Instead, know that the skin you want is what you're getting, and feel grateful and worthy of having what it is you desire.


Yes, affirmations absolutely work. They can instill new subconscious beliefs, and your subconscious is magical - it will do all the work for you in manifesting. All you have to do is tell it your new ideal beliefs!

Instead of identifying yourself as someone with acne, or someone who's always had troubled skin, you are now reprogramming new beliefs that you are someone with clear skin - through affirming it.

Check out this clear skin affirmation meditation to help you program new, loving, healing beliefs about your skin.

You can also choose an affirmation(s) from the list below. Choose ones that feel right for you and that don't feel like too much of a stretch.

Repeat them all day long, as often as you can remember to do so. Just say them anytime you look in the mirror, and replace any negative thoughts about that come up about your skin with your new affirmations.

When I was manifesting clear skin, I would repeated my affirmations while I was getting ready, sitting at work, going to the bathroom, in the shower, EVERYWHERE! I would also write them down daily. And I actually started to believe them more and more every day.

I also would trick myself while saying these affirmations, and only look at the clear parts of my skin (even if that was my arm, or somewhere not on my face.) Because I would think to myself like "Hey, look! There really are parts of my skin that actually are clear!"

Remember, if I could do it, anyone could it. I'm not any more special or powerful than you are. We all have these abilities.

Here are some affirmations you can try. Take what feels good for you or come up with your own!

Affirmations to try

My skin is healing more and more every day

Every day, I become more and more beautiful

I love, accept and approve of myself

My skin is getting clearer and clearer every day

My skin glows and radiates with love

I am worthy of having clear skin

I am worthy of feeling confident and beautiful

I am confident and beautiful

My skin is beautiful

I love my body and my body loves me

My body and I are in harmony

My skin looks and feels harmonious and people can tell

I love that my skin protects me

I am grateful for my skin and body

It's easy to heal and my body does so naturally

I feel at peace with my skin

Write them, say them, print them out, post it all over your house. Claim these affirmations and stick to them!


EFT Tapping is an amazing tool to really reprogram those unconscious beliefs. It uses tapping on meridian points which are energy points on the body to break up those old energy patterns.

It's extremely effective, it's FREE, and once you learn how to do it, you can tap about every part of your life, and remove any limiting beliefs that are holding you back!

It really is the most powerful tool I've used so far because it's so easy!

I wish I knew about tapping back when I was originally manifesting my clear skin because it probably would have made it so much quicker and easier! But nonetheless, those other methods still worked, so I'm not complaining.

Definitely consider adding tapping to your arsenal of tools to manifest your clear skin!

3. Being a High Vibe Babe

A big part of attracting what you want is feeling like you already have it.

And what do you feel when you finally receive something you've really been desiring? - GRATITUDE!

Gratitude and love are immensely high vibration emotions. If you want to know more about vibrations and how to use your emotions to manifest check out my course, Dream Land.

While you're writing, visualizing, affirming, or tapping, allow yourself to feel overwhelming gratitude wash over you.

I mean, just think about it. Finally, FINALLY you get to have perfectly clear, smooth skin!! Allow yourself to be grateful before you even have it.

Your vibration and your emotion is very important when manifesting. Don't allow yourself to go down that negative spiral when you look in the mirror. Don't be impatient, or demanding.

If you feel yourself starting to throw a pity party, immediately change it! Just decide right now that you won't allow it anymore.

When you think a negative thought about your skin, you can say "cancel" or "no." And then write or say your affirmations, do your scripting, your tapping, or whatever you need to do!

Incorporate your gratitude practice into a daily journal writing to manifest this even quicker.

4. Let go, Trust, and BECOME

Let go of the feeling of wanting, needing, begging, demanding, or being impatient.

Because if you already have something, or you know it is meant for you, you don't keep begging or asking for it. Its already yours!

When you place an order on Amazon, and you get that confirmation email, you KNOW it's coming to you. It might even be late, or delayed, but you know with 100% certainty that it's still coming.

That's how certain, and at peace we can feel about what we're manifesting. The Universe has already packed up your order, and shipped it out - just by you asking for it! As soon as you align yourself to it by being certain and grateful, is how soon you will receive it.

Let go of the idea that you are someone who always struggles with acne. Shed that identity that you are that person who's always had acne and is doomed to suffer from it forever. NO.

You are now stepping into a higher version of you, who has clear skin, is more confident, and easily manifests everything you desire.

What would you do differently if you didn't have the acne? How would you act differently? Become that person, now! Do those things, now!

5. Work on the Limiting Beliefs

Limiting beliefs are the unconscious beliefs that quietly holds us back from becoming the person we want to be. It's trying to keep us safe by keeping us stuck in the comfort zone.

They're the thoughts that come up when you're trying to become that next version of you that keeps you small.

When you're doing this process, become aware of any limiting beliefs or thoughts that come up and make note of them.

Limiting beliefs might sound like:

  • I've always struggled with acne, why would this time be any different?

  • Everyone told me I was ugly, so there's no point anyway.

  • This might work for others, but not me.

  • What will people say about me?

  • Who will I be without this acne affecting me?

  • What if my family doesn't accept me because I believe in the Law of Attraction?

And all other kinds of crazy stories!

When you notice a limiting belief, write it down. Then cross it out and and think of an affirmation that would counter that belief. Repeat that affirmation, do some tapping on it - do whatever you need to do!

If you want more guidance on kicking those limiting beliefs to the curb, check out my course Dream Land.

How long will it take?

For me, I started seeing my skin heal within the first month of switching up my mindset and taking charge of what I wanted. And then after a few months I really noticed a big difference.

But it's different for everybody! As soon as you believe it, and align yourself to that new version of you, is how quickly you can manifest. Be patient, and be kind and loving to your body.

Also, I still get zits here and there now, but when that happens, I listen to my body and see what the cause could be. It's usually a sign I need to change my pillow cases more frequently, or cut back on the dairy!

Even when I do have breakouts now, its not nearly as bad as it was before. It's definitely not chronic.

Be Kind to Your Body

It's important while you're healing that you remember to LOVE your body.

So often we are mean to our bodies, we think we are at war with our bodies, and that we are not on the same team. So in turn, we end up attracting more chaos inside our bodies.

But if we give our bodies loving & healing energy, our bodies are capable of miracles.

Nature is made to bounce back even after really stressful & damaging times. And we are part of nature so we also have that ability to heal.

Find the lesson & be grateful

I'm grateful for this difficult time I had with my skin because this was a lesson in how truly powerful I am.

I was looking at things outside of myself to fix my problem, when what I really needed was to look internally at the way I was thinking about myself.

I am also grateful for my acne when it shows up because it shows me when I have imbalances in my body that I can correct.

It makes me feel more connected to my body like it communicates with me and I understand.

So what did you think of this post? Did it help you in any way?

Leave a comment and let me know if you're going to try manifesting your clear skin!

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