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How to manifest anything you want

Hey there!

So I hear you want to manifest something AMAZING in your life.

Maybe it's your dream car, your dream home, your soulmate, or financial freedom.

And you're probably wondering how you can attain that dream thing.

Maybe you've realized that the Universe is much bigger than you, and that if you work with the Laws of the Universe, you can have an easier, and more fun path to getting to your goals!

Well after reading this post, you will learn how to get anything you want in the most effective and quickest way possible... using the Law of Attraction!

You will also learn how to troubleshoot when you've been trying to manifest something and you haven't received it.

What does manifesting mean?

Manifesting is just a word for getting what your heart desires.

It's not a secret, it's not religious, and it's not a witchy ritual, unless you want it to be!

It's something that we do as humans ALL THE TIME, 24/7, without pause.

It's our sub-conscious working together with the energy of the Universe to create the reality we experience.

Depending on your thoughts, beliefs, and actions, you've manifested the exact reality you are currently experiencing.

Not digging your current reality? Let's change it!

Or is there just something in your heart that you feel like you want and that you're ready to have?

Then lets get started with the 7 steps to manifest anything!

1. Know your desired outcome

The first step to manifest anything you want, is to know exactly what it is you want, and be specific.

Instead of saying "I want more money", think about what it is you want to do or feel with that money.

Do you want to be debt free?

Do you want to retire your parents?

Or just have the freedom and security that having a nice savings cushion would bring?

Having money is usually a surface level goal. Dig deeper into the WHY of what you want.

When you focus on the outcomes, you can focus on the internal feelings and emotions.

You also allow for yourself to get STRAIGHT to the objective, instead of having imaginary road blocks.

For example, you might have a belief like:

"If I get a good job and start making more money, THEN I can own a nice home."

When you could just manifest a nice home in the first place! Maybe you unexpectedly get the means to buy the home through something you couldn't have seen coming.

Focus on the outcome and end goals when manifesting.

2. Get really excited

The quickest way to manifest anything, is to get your emotions involved and elevated.

Say you would like to manifest your dream home.

Think about what it would be like to FINALLY live inside your dream home.

What does it look like?

What kind of scents are in it?

Do you have furniture picked out for it?

What is the color palette of the decor?

Think specifically about the things you will need to think about when you are about to move in... except think about them now.

Vision Boards

A great way to stay focused on what you're manifesting is by using vision boards.

We use physical vision boards in our home, and have them displayed somewhere we spend a lot of time in.

They're fun to make!

All you have to do is get a poster board, and some old magazines (check Savers for cheap magazines).

Cut out pictures and words that resonate with you, things that you aspire to have, do, or be. And that make you feel good.

Make sure to update, or create new ones periodically once you attain your goals, your desires have changed, or they just no longer excite you.

Here's a picture of our most recent vision boards hanging up in our living room/office.

These are our vision boards from last year - still hanging up but in a less prominent location.

Find out how I used vision boards to manifest more travel this year despite COVID, than any other year.

Journaling and Scripting

My favorite way to manifest is by journaling & scripting.

Check out this video below on how I use scripting as part of my manifestation routine.

Scripting is basically writing down everything you want to happen as if it's already happening or going to happen.

You're not you wishing for something to happen, or asking for it. You know that it's given to you and you're just scripting it into your life as if you're in a movie.

Lets take the same example from above and you'd like to manifest your dream home. You might write something in your journal like this:

"I am so excited and GRATEFUL that I have finally moved into my dream beach home! I love when I prepare a healthy meal on the beautiful white marble counters, and I get to sit down on the new patio furniture on the porch and eat outside. I feel so thankful when I enjoy the fresh air and ocean breeze..."

You can do this for each segment of your life; money, relationships, career, health, appearances, etc.

The more emotion, excitement, and gratitude you feel as you are writing, the more magnetic you will be to what you want, because you're aligning your vibration to the good you desire.

Download my free daily gratitude journal to help you get into the habit of daily gratitude and journaling.

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3. Trust the process & let go

The third step of manifesting anything is to trust the process, as cliche as it sounds.

To manifest quickly, you have to let go of control, expectations, due dates, and timelines.

Don't think of HOW am I going to manifest this goal. That is not your job.

Your job is to focus on what you are going to do ONCE you attain your goal.

Trust that it is coming to you in the best way possible, at the most perfect time for you.

At this time, doubts, fears, or worries may creep up.

You might have thoughts like "I don't deserve this", or "I don't know if am I manifesting correctly".

These fear based thoughts will prolong the process because you're no longer an energetic match.

However, it's normal to have some sort of negative thoughts, but it's important to let them go as quickly as possible.

Just remind yourself to have faith that everything that is meant for you is already yours. This is a great time to write in your journal some affirmations about what you are manifesting.

Having doubts? Try affirmations like these:

I have faith in the Universe

I trust that the Universe has my back

I know I am worthy of the good things I desire

I am so grateful for these opportunities

I am living out my best life imaginable

I am attracting all the good that I desire

I feel blessed and I see miracles daily

I am meant to live a happy, healthy, life

I always have exciting opportunities unfolding

I am always meeting the right people to help me on my path

I am always at the right place at the right time

I am here for a reason

4. Start preparing

The final part of manifesting anything, is to know that it is already yours. So you better start preparing for it to come.

What do you need to do to make way for what you are manifesting?

If you are expecting a baby, then you would prepare a nice room, get a crib, toys, and other things to make it feel welcome and cozy, right?

If you want your business to expand, you have to make room for the expansion. Get a bigger office space, hire more workers, and then you have the space and ability to take on more customers and clients.

It may sound risky, but if you have faith that what you are calling in is going to come, then it's actually logical.

If you would like new clothes or new furniture, donate your old items to make room for the new!

If you want to manifest a big vacation next year, schedule out the dates now, and request the time off. Start planning the hotel, activities, and clothes you'll wear and allocate your budget for it.

Now think about what it is you want to manifest.

Where do you have to make room for what you want?

Is it in your schedule, your budget, or physical space?

We might need to do some decluttering...

5. Act as if

If something is already yours, how do you act?

How would you think?

Think about the version of you that already has what you want to manifest, and then take on that identity!

For example, say you would like to financial freedom.

If you were someone who's already been debt free, had loads of money in the savings, and lives comfortably, how would you think and act?

Would you be worried about whether you are going to pay your bills on time? Or would you have confidence in knowing that everything is going to get paid on time, and be relaxed when hearing word like "bills".

This is what a lot of people call "acting as if".

Acting as if does not mean you blow all your money because you're acting as if you're rich. Rich people don't blow all their money.

They might designate a portion of their money to blow. While the rest is sitting comfortably in the bank or in investments.

Acting as if, simply means you're adopting that identity of someone who already has it. You are thinking, feeling, and embodying the version of you who has what it is you desire.

6. Don't be desperate

If you are someone who already has something, you would not go and pray for it again and again every night.

You wouldn't ask for it over and over, and you certainly would not beg, or be desperate for it.

All of these things put you farther away from what you want, because you're in the vibration of neediness, which means there's a lack of something.

There's no lack of anything in this world. There is only abundance, and people who choose not to tap into it.

Instead of feeling desperate, and needy, change your focus to how great it feels to already have it. Are you seeing the pattern yet?

Focus on having what you want, instead of the not having it.

7. Look for the signs

When you are going about your day, look for signs that what you want is on its way to you.

For example, did you run into someone you haven't seen in a few years? And perhaps they have connections that can put you one step closer to attaining your manifestation?

Did you stumble upon some new knowledge you didn't know before? And maybe that new knowledge will lead you to something beautiful?

Experiencing "coincidences" or even seeing omens such as butterflies, or repeating "angel" numbers, can be signs from the Universe that you are on the right path!


Let's talk about troubleshooting.

If you've been trying to manifest something for a while that you still haven't experienced, and you've used the steps above correctly, then its time to reassess.

Is it in your best interest?

You will only be able receive what is in your best interest and the best interest of the world.

So maybe you're not getting loads of money yet, because you haven't learned how to manage it wisely, and might end up in worse circumstances than you are now.

Or maybe you haven't manifested that soul mate because there's still things you and that person needs to learn and master about yourselves before you meet.

If this is the case, then having faith and patience is key.

Just remember that everything that is meant to happen is happening right on schedule. When and how it's supposed to.

Since we're not always able to see the bigger picture, we may think we know what is best for us, but there's no way of really knowing for sure.

Just have faith that something even better is coming for you and be open to that possibility.

Do you want it too badly?

Remember how number 6 said don't be desperate?

Sometimes when we want something SO badly, we push it further and further away from us.

This happens because we are focusing so hard on the lack of having, we don't have enough faith and confidence that it's already coming.

Everything you manifest comes when you feel relaxed, and when you feel fine whether you have it or not.

It's kind of like people. You don't want to be around someone when they seem too needy or desperate, right? But if they seem to be fine with or without you, that's intriguing!

What are your underlying feelings?

Deep down, are you feeling hopeful, excited, and grateful for what's to come?

Or are you feeling doubtful, fearful, or unworthy of what you desire?

Do you secretly feel like your dreams are far too big for you, and there is no way they will actually come?

These feelings are only repelling you from what you desire.

Many of us experience feelings of unworthiness and feel like we don't deserve the life we really want to live.

You can start working on exploring these feelings and uncovering some of the sub-conscious blocks you may have by journaling it out.

Take some time to get still, meditate, and ask for wisdom and guidance.

In the meantime, use affirmations like "I am worthy of abundance" to flip the script every time you hear a thought of unworthiness.

Now its your turn

By now, you should feel closer to manifesting any dream or goal you desire!

Manifesting is something you do 24/7. Not just during your daily journal or meditation.

Be aware of the thoughts that you have at all times of the day, and remember that you are telling your sub-conscious, and the Universe, what you expect to experience.

And remember to focus on already having and living out your dream life, and you are sure to manifest it quickly!

Don't forget to download my free daily gratitude journal to get you in the habit of daily gratitude and journal writing to manifest anything with ease.

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