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Depression, Anxiety, Anger, etc. How to lift yourself from a downward spiral.

Hey guys! 

In this podcast, I'm talking about some tips that have really helped me these past few weeks while I've gone through some dark times.

First, just want to acknowledge that it's perfectly normal to go through ups and downs in life. Living a life that you love doesn't mean you won't have bad moments, bad days, weeks, or months. I try not to label experiences as bad, as I've realized that even the bad moments lead up to greater, unexpected positive life shifts. 

Allow yourself to feel and don't try to run or block yourself from experiencing "negative" emotions. But if you feel like you're going through a prolonged depression, or spiraling downward, here's some ways you can lift yourself up, raise your vibe, and get you on a higher frequency. 

Hear the full podcast here, or listen on any podcast streaming platform! Otherwise, watch the condensed YouTube video above!

Some tips I talk about include:

- EFT Tapping -

This is a new method for me that I've tried and have really loved. It uses acupressure points to tap on and I've found that it really gets the energy in my body flowing. So out with the old negative energy or thoughts, in with new ones. Gala Darling is a great person to learn about EFT tapping from. Here's her video on what it is and how to do it:

- Get your body moving -

whatever your fav form of movement is - stretching, yoga, exercise, even BREATHWORK. This is another way to get the energy flowing in your body, remove blockages from heavy emotions, and make room for more positive energy. Check out Wim Hof's breath work exercises:

- Process verbally -

talk to someone you trust or just talk to yourself! Yes, even out loud, its okay. Or just journal it out. Whatever method you choose, talking gets you out of those repetitive thoughts, and allow you to process your emotions.

- Show compassion -

to others and especially to yourself. Everyone is trying their best from their level of awareness and perspective, including you. There is no need to be hard on yourself or anyone. 

- Give thanks -

for this experience, this learning lesson, and this opportunity to grow, become stronger, and better. Do a gratitude meditation and focus on all of the things supporting you in your life. Whether that's people you love, the trees, the sun, water, food, etc!

- Give yourself permission to let go -

tell your body to let it all go and try so see how much you can relax your body. You'll be surprised how much tension your body can hold on to without you even realizing it. Give your mind the same permission to let go of the anger, obsessive thoughts, or whatever else is ailing you. Even if it keeps coming back, just keep telling yourself to LET GO.  

No matter where you are at in your journey, we all face challenging moments. But just remember that you have tools like the ones above, and you don't have to be a slave to your emotions.

Let me know if this has helped you. Please share this with someone that needs to hear this!

xoxo - Judy

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