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Become Magnetic: How to receive your manifestations

Deciding on something you want to manifest is one part of the equation. But what about actually receiving that manifestation?

Even though I've been learning and practicing the law of attraction for some years now, it's still easy to get stuck in the oscillation of being in the vibration of receiving, then in the vibration of resistance.

In the video above, I gave an example of where I just recently realized I was doing this in my own life, causing a manifestation to get prolonged and extended.

The Vibration of Resistance

Receiving your blessings is the natural state of the Universe. However, we sometimes block or prolong the manifestation process by feeling emotions like fear, worry, stress, frustration, doubt, etc.

It's important for us to become aware of where our dominant thoughts and emotions are throughout the day. That will be our gauge as to whether we are on track for receiving, or pushing it further away.

The Art of Allowing

The vibration of receiving is one that feels like gratitude, joy, love, and bliss.

Just think about when you receive a gift from someone, you might say something like "Thank you, this makes me so happy!"

The same thing could be applied towards receiving your manifestation. However, the trick here is to be in that vibration before your manifestation actually comes into reality.

Opening Your Heart to Receive

Using your heart energy is a powerful way to become a magnet to all that you desire.

Dr. Joe Dispenza talks about this when he talks about heart & brain coherence. Your heart is the center of your electromagnetic field, and the stronger that is, the more magnetic you become.

Try a heart opening meditation, like this one, to help you practice manifesting from your heart center.

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