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How to MAGNETIZE Yourself and Attract the Right People Into Your Life

Do you want to attract more friends that match your energy?

Do you want to gain meaningful and deep long-term friendships?

Have you been searching for the perfect relationship, but keep falling short?

To attract new relationships, we sometimes think we have to go out and meet new people, and go to events, and do all these things in the outer world.

And while that all is very important, we also have to do some inner work to be an energetic match to the right people you want in your life, and to easily draw people in naturally.

Attracting people is all about being unapologetically you and knowing the value you bring.

We will also go over some manifestation techniques that would be effective when attracting relationships, such as affirmations, and putting your focus on the right things.

But before we get into that, let's dive deeper into who you really are.


Being confident with yourself is one of the best ways to attract more people and create new relationships. People like to be around other people who are unapologetically themselves.

The best relationships occur when you are fully embodying your true self. People feel like they can read you easily, they don't have to worry about whether you're being genuine, lying to them, or just trying to be someone you're not to please others.

Embodying your true self means that you may have to spend some quality time with yourself and really get to know who you are, and what you actually like and dislike, without the influence of someone nearby.

Accepting yourself fully will give off a vibration that people will be naturally drawn to. It's an air of self confidence and self assuredness that people can pick up on as soon as you enter the room.

It's NOT egotism, conceit, or being self-centered.

It's full on rocking what you've got, knowing who you are, and not dimming your light for anyone else. It's being UNAPOLOGETICALLY you!

Know your value

One way to build your confidence around other people is by recognizing the value you bring to the lives of those around you. Everybody has strengths, and when you focus on your strengths, your confidence increases.

Ask yourself these questions to discover the characteristics that you may have that people find value in.

  • Do people find you funny or have fun hanging around you?

  • Do you bring wisdom, knowledge, or fun facts that people don't know?

  • Are you kind, caring, and someone who could be at someone's aid in a moment's notice?

  • Are you compassionate and a good listener?

  • Do you tell fun stories that keep people entertained for hours?

  • Are you a nurturer and love to pour into people?

  • Are you thoughtful and can brighten up someone's day with a message?

This exercise is just meant to get you started. Keep digging for more traits that make having a relationship with you PRICELESS.

When you take account for all the good qualities you bring to a relationship, chances are you're not going to settle for someone who doesn't also give you an equal amount of value.

The more you recognize your own value, the less you tolerate other people's bullshit.

This goes both ways. If you are not giving value to the people around you, the people who recognize their own value will start to leave you behind.

When you have confidence in yourself, and you know the value you bring, you won't give off a desperate energy that can turn people off and have them running the other way.

Now that you're confident in the value you bring, let's see what manifestation techniques could work when attracting new relationships.

Tell yourself an empowering story

So many of us replay a story or a narrative in our minds that can be disempowering.

We might have thoughts like "I don't deserve a healthy relationship," "it's hard to meet good people," or "I always attract bad people."

When we repeat these thoughts in our minds, we shape our reality to prove that we are right.

We end up meeting awful people, having horrible relationships, and we keep tolerating toxic friends.

It's important to focus on what we actually want, and to retrain your sub-conscious mind to think new and empowering thoughts.

Affirmations can be extremely powerful for this. Try on these affirmations below and see how they resonate. If you like them, I encourage you to write them down or repeat them multiple times a day, or post them around your house to constantly remind yourself of your new beliefs.

I attract loving, healthy relationships

I attract good people into my life who love & care for me

People are naturally drawn to me

I am confident in myself and who I am

People love me for who I am

I am social, and have a great circle of friends

I am so grateful for my amazing relationships

I only tolerate relationships that are healthy and support me on my journey

I love the people in my life and they love me

These words of affirmation are empowering, and attract the type of relationships you desire - and deserve.

To learn more about the power of affirmations and how they work to reprogram your thoughts, watch the video below.

Focus on the people you DO have in your life

In the art of manifestation, what we focus on expands. So to bring more happy and thriving relationships into your life, focus on the current relationships you DO have.

This could be a relationship with your family, your parents, your dog, your pets, friends, partners, work relationships, PLANTS, etc.

We all have relationships with other beings. Focus on cultivating and improving the relationships you already have. Be grateful for them, focus on the positive impact it brings you, and choose to see them as something you cherish, and the Universe will see that you're ready for more relationships.

You could also start to journal, or mentally give gratitude for the future relationships you will soon experience.

The Universe is always listening honey, so make sure you're focusing your words, thoughts, and actions on the reality you want.

If you have any questions or comments, let's get in touch! Comment below or DM me on Instagram @judyrina!

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