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Embrace Uncertainty | 5 tips for dealing with the stress & anxiety of uncertainty

Hey guys!

It's a WIERD time for us right now, am I right?

But regardless of the present condition of the world, we all go through phases of change, and uncertainty.

I know so many of us might be feeling that anxiety right now from an uncertain future.

After this post, you will learn how to deal with uncertainty, and how to deal with anxiety and fears around uncertainty.

You'll no longer fear uncertainty, but embrace it and look forward to it... like a boss.

But before we get into it, you can also watch the video below, or listen to the full podcast on this where I talk about:

  • shifting from nervousness and anxiety to excitement

  • What is scripting & examples of when I used scripting during uncertainty

  • what to do when things aren't going your way

Release the fears

Have you ever planned out something in your mind, and expected it to go a certain way?

Like a trip, or a conversation, or an event?

But how many times does the actual event go completely different than you'd imagined it to go?

Probably every time.

How was your reaction to it? Were you tense and refuse to let go of control? Or did you just go with the flow?

What if I were to tell you that things will always go in the best way possible, even if it's not according to your plan.

Sound hard to believe?

The magic of uncertainty

There is actual magic that happens when you leave room for the unexpected.

When you aren't hung up on how and when it's supposed to happen.

Have you or someone you knew ever tried so hard to find a romantic partner and couldn't, but as soon you stopped looking they came into your life?

The truth is, we can't plan out how and when things happen.

All you can do is set the intention that things will arrive when and how it is best for you.

So sit back, enjoy, and ride the wave.

Whatever comes to you can deal with it at that point, but there is no need to worry about something that hasn't happened yet, now is there?

Create the life you want

When your life is a pile of uncertainty, you're wide open for the Universe to deliver all sorts of magic and miracles. So start looking at life through the lens of wonder and curiosity.

Instead of having fear around what unexpected things might come, get excited for all the good things that might actually happen!

Start asking yourself things like, "I wonder what exciting opportunities might be around the corner for me!"

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Your life is a blank canvas

Now with all those plans out the window, your life is pretty much like a blank canvas.

And that's great news! It means you can paint whatever picture you want on it and create the life you dream of.

it's important to focus on what kind of things you want to attract, instead of filling your mind with worries, doubts, or fears.

Listen: Key to THRIVING during times of uncertainty

Focus on the positives

Now more than ever, it's your duty to make sure your vibration is high, and you stay focus on what you want so that's what you'll attract.

How do you keep your vibe high and what does that mean?

It just means that you stay in the feeling of gratitude, and positivity.

Here are some ways you can keep your vibration high.

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Stop watching the news

Yup. You gotta stop watching the news.

Why? Because it's a huge pile of negative, fear-based stories that may or may not even be true. But they are certainly designed to keep people in fear and lack.

If you insist on staying up to date with current events, try an alternative to the mainstream news outlets, like this one dedicated to sharing inspiring and positive news stories.

Get excited

Excitement is such a fun emotion, isn't it? It usually means there's something good around the corner and you can't wait for it.

Being nervous is actually a really close emotion to excitement. Think about it! Doesn't it feel almost the same in your body? You might get an elevated heart beat, sweaty palms, etc.

If you ever start feeling fear for an uncertain future, turn that nervous feeling to excitement!

How do you do that?

Just think about all the possible good outcomes that could happen, instead of worrying about potential bad outcomes.

Script your future

Scripting is a manifestation tool I use to focus on the positive and exciting things I want to happen in my life.

All you have to do is write about something you would like to bring into your life in present or past tense, and be excited and grateful about it!

For example you might write in your journal something like,

"I am so grateful for the amazing job opportunity I have received. I am so grateful that they are paying me even more than I could have ever asked for! I have finally paid off all my debt and now I've got money in my savings that I will use to purchase my dream home!"

Try this exercise once a day, and you will be surprised, how your life starts getting shaped according to your "scripts"... and remember, this part is supposed to be FUN!

Use affirmations

Affirmations will help you retrain your mind to thinking things that are positive. Eventually your subconscious will believe these things and your life will start forming around them.

Feel free to borrow these affirmations around uncertainty:

I embrace change

I am open to all the possibilities

I allow for magic to happen in my life

I welcome positive changes

I attract exciting opportunities

There is an infinite amount of possibilities ahead of me

Affirmations can be extremely beneficial and effective. I use affirmations whenever I manifest anything in my life.

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Let's Recap

In order to get through this time of uncertainty, look at life as a blank canvas and that you are in control of what your future could look like.

Isn't that so empowering?

When things aren't planned, you leave room for magic. You're more open to the universe to deliver the things you have been asking for.

So make sure you're thinking about the things that you do want, instead of the things you're worried about!

Now is the time to start anew, and to be very intentional about what you allow into your life.

If you know of someone who needs to see this, share this post, video, or podcast episode!

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