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How to Create the Best Morning Routine For You | Be Healthy & Productive!

Ohh mornings.

To me its such a special time of day.

It's a fresh start, a chance to create whatever energy you want.

Using your morning routine to intentionally to charge yourself up and create positive energy can set yourself up for success and manifest anything easier!

Why have a morning routine?

The purpose of a morning routine is to set yourself up for a great day! Productive & successful people are known for having healthy morning routines.

The benefits of a healthy morning routine include:

  • Getting charged up and ready to take on the day

  • Feel less likely to get irritated, stress, or angry by small events

  • It's a small act of daily self care

  • Allows you to fill up your cup first, before pouring into others

  • Positive moods help you think more clearly and have better judgement

What if I'm not a morning person?

If you're someone (like me) who wakes up cranky first thing in the morning, then you need to have a morning routine!

I know on days when I don't do my morning routine to get myself primed for the day, I feel more irritable, and more prone to stress, having meltdowns, and generally just being less productive

Having a morning routine will allow you to have more good days, be productive, and stay on track with your goals!

What if I'm not a routine person?

If the word "routine" scares you, just know that a routine doesn't have to be the same EXACT thing every day.

I like to switch up the activities in my morning routine from day to day and give myself the chance to see what will serve me that morning.

Also it's totally okay if you end up skipping some days. You don't have to beat yourself up over it.

The Perfect Morning Routine for You

The best morning routine is one that allows you to feel charged up and ready to take on whatever life may throw at you that day.

Since everyone is different, the most optimal morning routine is going to be different for everyone.

But here are some ideas on things you can do in the morning to help you get primed for your day.

I highly recommend doing one activity from each section below. That way, you connect with your body, mind, and spirit first thing in the morning.


First things first, you have to hydrate. Our bodies went thru the whole night without taking in any water. Meanwhile, we still lose water in our sleep through sweat, as we breathe, and as the body makes urine. So make sure to replenish that water with a nice big cup of room temp or hot water.

Bonus: Add some lemon juice to the water to kick start the digestion in your belly!

Get Moving

After hours of laying through the night, your body is probably dying to stretch a bit and get moving!

  1. Stretch

  2. Pilates

  3. Yoga

  4. Dance

  5. Weight lifting

  6. Walk/run/jog

  7. Martial arts

  8. HIIT training

Get writing

Writing allows you to connect with your mind and choose positive thoughts for the day. You can also align yourself with your goals so you can move through the day with the bigger picture in mind.

  1. Write down what you are grateful for

  2. Write affirmations

  3. Write your intentions for the day

  4. Write down your to-do list for the day

  5. Write down your upcoming manifestations

Make sure to download my free daily gratitude journal to get into the habit of daily gratitude and intention setting.

Get connected

These activities allow you to slow down and bring a little mindfulness to your day. This is a great time to get connected with your inner self, with Source, and simply just feel the life force flowing through you!

  1. Meditate

  2. Breathwork

  3. Qi Gong

  4. EFT Tapping

  5. Journal freely

Helpful hints

Need some help with your morning routine? Here's some tips on how to create and stick to the morning routine you choose!

Check YouTube

For some help with accomplishing some of these tasks, search for a YouTube video!

I love following along to YouTube videos in the morning so I don't have to think too hard about what to do.

For example, you can search for qi gong, EFT tapping, pilates, journal prompts, breathwork, and guided meditations on YouTube... just be careful to not go down the rabbit hole when you're trying to have a healthy start to your day. Have discipline!

Switch it Up

I highly recommend switching up the activities in your morning routine from day to day.

It may surprise you when some times you require a little slowness and ease, and other days you want an intense workout sesh!

But don't sweat it, our energy levels ebb & flow throughout the month, its important to use your intuition and ask yourself what you need the most that morning.

Get dressed

There's something about putting on workout clothes in the morning that just makes you want to get going!

If you struggle with getting moving in the morning, put some of your favorite workout clothes next to you so when you wake up, its easy access. Then get dressed, and get to exercising!

Use journal templates

If journaling is a new habit for you that want to get into, try using a journal template. There are lots of different journal templates out there, some for free and some to purchase.

I have a free daily gratitude journal that will guide you into a daily journaling practice and help you tap into your manifestation power.

Now it's Your Turn

It's time to put your morning routine to work. What activities are you going to do tomorrow? Have an idea so when you're sleepy in the morning, you don't even have to think about it!

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