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The Key to 10x Your Growth w/ Alexa Martinez

Hey everyone!

This week I've got a special interview for you guys.

Her name is Alexa Martinez, and she is a success & mindset coach. She left her corporate sales job where she was making 6 figures and decided to DIVE completely in to entrepreneurship.

In this interview, you will hear

  • What it's like transitioning from a corporate job to entrepreneurship

  • Why it's okay to change your beliefs

  • What it's really like being an entrepreneur

  • How to deal with FAILURE and what it really means

  • How coaches can put you on the fast track to your success

  • Why investing in yourself is key to growth

  • How to find a coach that works for you

  • Her advice for people who are looking to become a coach

All that and more is in the video above!

Let me know what your biggest take away was and make sure to share this with a friend who would love this conversation!

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