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Manifesting your Soulmate with Alejandra McRee

I got to sit down with love coach, Alejandra McRee, and ask her all about love, relationships, dating, and how she found her soulmate through manifestation.

Alejandra is just a regular girl who had her heartbroken, but turned that pain into love. She loved herself, saw her worth, and made her dreams into a reality. She manifested her husband at 23 years old after scripting on a Facebook post, and now helps women fall in love with themselves in order to manifest their soulmates too!

In this interview, we get down to the nitty gritty, including what holds people back from manifesting the relationship they desire, and why loving yourself first is so important.

Video Timestamps

  • 0:00 Intro to Alejandra McRee

  • 1:11 How she got into love coaching

  • 6:36 How she knew she wanted to teach other women about love

  • 8:32 How to build a friendship in your romantic relationship

  • 10:33 Self love and how that affects your relationships

  • 12:07 How friendships differ from romantic relationships

  • 13:50 How she manifested her husband

  • 19:27 The biggest obstacle people face when they trying to manifest love

  • 22:07 Her tips on keeping long term relationships healthy and happy

  • 25:37 Her Leap into Love coaching program

  • 30:02 How she protects and grounds her energy with being a coach

  • 33:02 Her membership program, moon magic, and menstrual magic

  • 38:25 How one of her clients went from the verge of divorce to happy in her relationship

  • 42:16 Her plans for holding live events

Her membership program sounds super interesting as she incorporates moon magic, and your menstrual cycle to manifest - super cool!

She is so full of love and I am so thankful I got to have this conversation with her!

What did you think of this? Share this to your story on IG and tag us, @judyrina and @manifestwithalejandra and tell us your biggest takeaway!

Her links

Instagram: @manifestwithalejandra

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