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8 Business Ideas for Creative Stay At Home Moms

So you're a stay-at-home mom, and you're wanting to make some extra money. That's amazing!

As a busy SAHM myself, I know just how precious our time is. So I always advocate for women to use that precious time doing something that feels good to them while still making some extra income!

What kind of creative business should I get into?

There’s so many online businesses that people have started from home. With technology nowadays, it's never been easier to create an at-home business and make money from it!

You can just use any expertise or knowledge you already have.

This article will go over a few ideas that would be great for a creative mom looking for an outlet and a way to get some extra cash.

Be in it for the long term, and enjoy the process

This is my best advice for anyone wanting to start a side business as a mom. Creating a business that is lucrative will take an investment up front in either time or money.

But if you stay consistent and persistent enough, you can really find a fun way to get some side income being creative and still be present for your family!

1. Start a blog

This is an excellent home based business idea for moms if you love to write and you're passionate about a topic. It can also be a great creative outlet while the kids are at school, napping, etc.

Is blogging dead or over-saturated? Of course not! In fact, blogging is growing in popularity faster than ever and is a fantastic way to make some bank, with some blogs earning millions of dollars in revenue.

Think about what topics you could talk for days about. Then do a little research on keywords and search trends to see if people are wanting to read more about the topic.

You can earn money by getting brand collaborations and doing product reviews, affiliate marketing, advertising, or even sponsored guest posts!

If you create a good sized audience, there's lots of ways you can monetize.

2. Sell digital products on Etsy, CreativeMarket, or other online marketplaces

If you have a talent for design, you can sell your digital products on Etsy, CreativeMarket, or other online marketplaces.

This can be a great way to turn your experience or hobby into a passive income stream.

Digital products are a great product to sell for passive income because you only need to design the product once, and you can sell it repeatedly to many customers.

Using the experience I had in creating social media content for my clients, I created Canva social media templates on Etsy. Use what you’ve already done, or have experience in, and see if it’s something you can create a template out of.

Some popular digital products on Etsy include

  • printable art

  • printable journals

  • printable and digital planners

  • Canva templates

  • greeting card templates

Do your research on what's trending currently and see if you can fill that need.

4. Write eBooks

Have you always wanted to write and publish a book? Writing an eBook is a great way to start your passive income journey and it's never been easier.

The most common ways are:

  • Selling your eBook on Amazon Kindle

You can self-publish on Amazon Kindle and make up to 70% royalty on each sale. You don't need a website or blog, just a book!

This is a great option if you don't already have an online community, although if you have your own audience, you're probably more likely to sell more books.

  • Selling your eBook on Gumroad.

Another option is to sell your eBook through Gumroad, which allows you to keep more of the profits. With Gumroad, you get 85% of the sale price instead of 70% through Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP).

Plus, they have a few other features that are great for authors, like allowing users to download the book without having an account or creating links so readers can buy from anywhere online, including social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram!

This is a great option if you already have an online community that would likely want to purchase your eBook.

5. Create an online course

Everyday, more and more people are producing and selling profitable online courses - and you can too!

Just think about what you have some expertise in and do some research to see if it's something that people might want to buy.

Are you amazing at crochet? Or you know more about cloth diapers than anyone you've ever met? Or maybe you're great in relationships and could share your tips.

There's a ton of platforms you can host your course on.

Udemy or Skillshare may be great platforms if you don't already have your own audience because they have a marketplace that users can type in or browse subjects they are interested in.

Teachable and Kajabi are popular course platforms for those already with an online audience that you can market to.

This goes with anything you think about selling, but just make sure to do your market research. There is a lot of work that goes into creating online courses, and you want to make sure that there is a demand for the product you're thinking of creating.

6. Start a podcast

Love to talk? Consider starting a podcast!

All you'll need is a decent microphone, a recording software (like garage band) and a quick tutorial on how to edit your audio (or hire someone else to do it).

Then create an RSS feed, submit it to iTunes and start promoting it through social media. You can also use Google's podcasting tools to help you get started.

You can share tips, ideas and advice with listeners and even interview experts that you would love to learn more from.

There are podcasts on every topic imaginable, from gentle parenting, health and fitness, and so much more.

Like some of the previous ideas, it's a good idea to find out what kind of topics people are interested in hearing about, and then see if any of them align with what you love talking about!

Remember, this is a long-term strategy as it will require some time to acquire your audience and get the word out. But if you do it because you love it, and you stay committed and persistent with it, then chances are high that you'll succeed and be able to monetize your podcast with sponsorships, advertising, selling digital products, and more!

7. Become a content creator

Are you an avid social media user? Love watching YouTube? Why not become a creator, yourself?

Becoming a content creator can be a lot of fun.

Pick a niche that you love to talk about, and create consistent, value-filled content, whether it's on Instagram, Facebook, or Youtube. Once you start gaining traction with an audience who love your content, you can start monetizing!

Some common ways to monetize are

  • Brand deals

  • Affiliate Marketing

  • Selling your own digital products (such as ebooks, courses, etc.)

  • Instagram Reels Bonuses

  • Youtube Monetization

  • Offer exclusive content via subscription (on IG & YouTube)

  • Create UGC (user generated content) on platforms like Billo

8. Start a Service Based Business

Are you great at copywriting, graphic design, or photography? Start a business offering your services! You can start by promoting yourself on social media, or getting side work on marketplaces like Fiverr. Once you're ready to scale, you can outsource some or all of your tasks.

My husband and I personally did this with your video production company. We started off doing all of the work ourselves. Then, we started outsourcing tasks on Fiverr, and it allowed us to grow. When we finally started hiring people for full time positions, it allowed us to attain even more clients.

Final Thoughts

Starting an online business as a mom can be a lot of fun and creative. You can just use the expertise and knowledge you already have and find a way to monetize it!

Just remember, your success in anything is directly related to how committed and persistent you are in showing up, and that's especially true in business. But I know you've got this mama. Go out and do your thang!!

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